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Vias Turísticas do Purunã


Balsa Nova - PR, Brazil

The Urbanization Project of the tourist roads of Balsa Nova, district of São Luiz do Purunã - PR, originated in the Plan of Guidelines for the Strengthening of Tourism and Rural Development of Balsa Nova (2019), as a rural acupuncture.

The project is approximately 4,000 meters long, and the target of the intervention is Rua Vereador Dinart Almeida Garret and Rua Sabina Serra Receto. These roads represent the accesses next to the BR 277 highway, where difficulties in integrating the territory and safe access to the localities were identified and are included in the action plan as a priority to be solved.

At the rural scale, the roads that cross the large territory that makes up the District of São Luiz do Purunã have enormous value to the maintenance of the bucolic environment that we want to preserve, which justifies the redesign, resizing and redefinition of the lanes, sidewalks, walls and landscaping of the same. The Master Plan provides for the transformation of Rua Vereador Dinarte de Almeida Garrett as a Tourist Way, and Rua Professora Sabina Serra Reicetto as a Shared Use Tourist Way, in accordance with the uses located in the tourist and landscape interest zone (ZITP).

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