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Jaime Lerner Associated Architects was founded in April 2003, with offices in Curitiba and presided by architect Jaime Lerner. The practice has as working proposal to build – through partnership with local actors – ideas and solutions that can be detailed and implemented by cities authorities.




"Jaime Lerner, who has died at age 83, found low-cost ways to move people around Curitiba and revive the city’s core"


by James R. Hagerty and  Samantha Pearson




The body of work, thoughts and ideas left by Jaime Lerner are living marks that will continue to influence us for a very, very long time. Inspiring maestro of a fine orchestra of collaborators, he turned concepts and ideas into reality; concepts and ideas that have traveled the world carrying the optimist understanding that “the city is not a problem, it is a solution.”


Primacy of public spaces, priority to pedestrians and public transit in mobility, solidarity, sustainability, sociodiversity, identity are key elements of his (and our) professional “mantra”. The city as the stage where all peoples meet - a concrete and visible idea that permeates Curitiba, his birthplace, his home, where he had the opportunity to materialized projects and collective dreams.


Jaime’s example as an architect, urban planner, citizen and politician will be sorely missed. As will his generous, convivial, upbeat personality. Nevertheless, Lerner’s legacy and example will always be alive and well here, just around the corner, in many places, and in many hearts and minds. .

We remain determined and strong in sharing these achievements, and in pursuing better communities, better cities! For people.


The Jaime Lerner Institute is a non-profit, non-party organization that seeks to awaken a positive awareness of the potential of cities. Supported by the experience of the architect, urban planner and manager Jaime Lerner, our activities seek to protect the legacy of urban planning in the city of Curitiba and at the same time encourage all cities to develop in a sustainable and creative way
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The beauty of simplicity is the essence of Jaime Lerner's furniture.
More than the absence of excesses, what you see in your creations is an almost extreme minimalism.


Jaime Lerner Associated Architects

R. Bom Jesus, 76.

Curitiba, PR, Brazil


+55 41 2141 0700

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