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Riviera Santa Maria


Itapoá - SC, Brazil

The Masterplan for Riviera Santa Maria was contracted in 2013 by the IGG group, which owns an area of 135 ha in the municipality of Itapoá, in Santa Catarina. The concept adopted for the development takes advantage of the growing economic potential of the municipality, from the implementation of the port and its tourist and natural attractions, creating a centrality integrated to the existing occupation, where the mixture of activities, uses, typologies and users allows to intensify coexistence, a primordial aspect of urban life.

Riviera Santa Maria had from its first steps the important premise of preserving an extensive nature reserve. Highlighting the beautiful landscapes of the municipality, between sea and mountains, it is proposed to create a new 'waterfront' with a linear lagoon in the heart of the development. The implementation of the parks near the lagoon will ensure the necessary preservation of part of the existing vegetation, assist in the drainage of the area through the proposed lagoons and create a new alternative for leisure and sports activities for the population.

The main urban landmarks of the project are, in addition to the parks, the "Rambla", which makes a perpendicular connection to the beach from Av. Brasil, and next to the waterfront, the "Bamboo Beach", which reinforces the leisure, rest, gastronomy and entertainment attractions of the seaside environment, combined with a bamboo gallery that highlights the differentials of sustainability, visual permeability and animation of Riviera Santa Maria.

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