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Plano de Diretrizes para o Fortalecimento do Turismo e Desenvolvimento Rural de Balsa Nova


Balsa Nova - PR, Brazil

The objective of the Tourism Plan was the elaboration of a model for the management and sustainable development of Rural Tourism in the District of São Luiz do Purunã based on the Future Vision, definition of priority segments and products, and establishment of objectives, strategies and derived actions. Thus, the document was divided into four moments: (i) Presentation of the work containing secondary data such as socioeconomic data; (ii) Survey of empirical data based on questionnaires with visitors, residents and service providers, as well as diagnostics and analysis of tourist attractions and infrastructures; (iii) Presentation of the future vision of the work and the priority segments for tourism, as well as the products derived from them; (iv) Finally, the Action Plan for Tourism in São Luiz do Purunã is presented containing objectives, strategies, actions, partners and the detailing of Strategic Projects.

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