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Parque Logístico


Campinas - SP, Brazil

The project area comprises approximately 7 million square meters, and has a privileged location next to Viracopos airport and the Bandeirantes and Santos Dumont highways, in Campinas, SP. The occupation plan of the area foresees the potentialization of these aspects of location, infrastructure and regional dynamism with the implementation of a Logistics Platform that is a reference in the sector. The plan foresees the integration with the city's growth vectors, the preservation and valorization of the environment and the recycling of the Singer Factory and the former farm headquarters. It highlights the intermodal cargo terminal, truck yard and truck driver's city, industrial activities and a commercial and business sector, as well as institutional areas, public leisure areas and the presence of Unicamp's Logistics Center as a collaborator in the proposal and as an inducer of future occupation.

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