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Alan Cannell

Engenheiro de Transportes | Transport Engineer

Transport Engineer, with a degree in Civil Engineering (Hons) from University College London (1970) and a Masters in Transport Engineering from the University of Leeds (1972). Fellow of the Institute of Highways and Transportation, London, UK, founding member of 'Safe Kids Brazil', Owner Director of Transcraft Transport Engineering. Alan has accumulated a vast and comprehensive experience of five decades in the planning and implementation of transit/transport and traffic systems, having held positions in the Ministry of Transport (UK), Transcon (RJ), IPPUC (Head of Transit Department), EBTU (UK Transport, linked to the Ministry of Transport of Brazil), National Traffic Department (Ministry of Justice, BR) and Volvo Bus Corporation.

He has been Team Leader of transportation projects for the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and Wilbur Smith Associates, as well as a consultant for Jaime Lerner Planejamento Urbano and Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados. In his extensive national and international experience, Alan has worked on the design, implementation and evaluation of projects covering various modes of transportation, with emphasis on BRT systems, but also on LRV, active mobility and pedestrian circuits, as well as urban mobility and multimodal integration plans.

Alan also has experience in road system design, traffic calming, road safety and accident prevention, infrastructure and equipment, road operation and transportation technologies, and transportation systems management and governance. Among his published works are The Development of High-Capacity BRT Systems in Latin America, TAS Publications. 2008, UK; Reducing Traffic Accidents - The Role of Electronic Enforcement and Driver Training, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington. DC, and The Use of Traffic Signals in Developing Cities, Overseas Development Agency Manual MDG 13, Transport Research Laboratory, TRL 1994, UK.

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