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VivaPark Porto Belo


Porto Belo - SC, Brazil

The Masterplan Viva Park 1 was contracted in 2018 by Incorporadora Vokkan Porto Belo Urbanismo for the elaboration of the Basic Urban Plan and Executive Urban Project for a new planned neighborhood in Porto Belo, Santa Catarina. It consists of commercial and mixed-use housing units distributed in different typologies, considering social and sports equipment, urban infrastructure and green areas such as parks and squares.
The working area was equivalent to 450,000 m² and capacity to receive 25,000 residents, the same number of inhabitants currently present in the Municipality. Within the scope of the Masterplan were delivered: (i) urban design; (ii) road system and accessibility design; (iii) conceptual urban furniture design; (iv) conceptual landscape architecture design; (v) macrodrainage and microdrainage design. For all stages, numerous technical drawings, maps, digital models, videos and illustrations were produced.
Five premises guided the Masterplan: (a) integration and urban insertion - structuring connectivity, access and mobility, prioritizing integrated public transport and active mobility; (b) sustainability and density - using the environment as a reference base and bringing all activities closer to the life of the city dweller; (c) diversity of uses, activities, incomes and architectural typologies; (d) identity based on memory, geography, local culture and the construction of new scenarios and points of reference; (e) urban landmarks and urban acupunctures - priority to public space and meeting scenarios.
The Vivapark Masterplan was implemented in 2021, with 100% of its plots sold. At the beginning of 2022, it became the first planned neighborhood in the world to win a sustainability seal, LEED Platinum certification, the highest level of the seal in the LEED for Communities: Plan and Design category, a reference in the recognition of sustainability solutions in the construction sector, focused on neighborhoods and planned cities.

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