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Projeto de Revitalização das Docklands do Cais Mauá


Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil

Cais Mauá is an area located between the Guaíba River and the center of Porto Alegre, with an area of 187,000m2 used to integrate the city's port infrastructure. Since 1970, this part of the port has progressively lost its economic relevance in the face of gradual abandonment. Although this area is adjacent to a multitude of cultural facilities, public spaces and transport hubs, due to the presence of a flood containment wall and a railway line, there is no interaction between the city, the port and the river. The main challenge of the project was to reintegrate this fragmented urban fabric, bring permeability to the dock area, restore and reinforce the historic buildings and architectural elements, establishing a dialog between them and the new buildings to be designed. The project was developed in consortium, guided by a set of guidelines established by the bidding process set up by the state government, aiming to transform the Mauá Pier into a cultural, leisure, entertainment and tourist complex. The guiding principles of this winning proposal was the reintegration of the Docks into the daily life of the population, supported by the history and memory of the site and the conversion of barriers into interfaces. It also sought maximum connection with the city, the requalification and valorization of the built heritage, the creation of a new urban icon for Porto Alegre; the valorization of public spaces and living areas and sustainability principles.

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