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Plano Urbanístico Preliminar Granja Werneck


Belo Horizonte - MG, Brazil

Granja Werneck, with approximately 3.5 million square meters, is one of the last empty areas of Belo Horizonte and is located in the northern portion of the municipality, which has been undergoing transformations with the implementation of strategic government projects such as the Green Line - a road connecting the center of Belo Horizonte to Confins airport - and the Administrative Center of the State of Minas Gerais - CAMG. The occupation plan of the area is part of the Urban Operation of Isidoro, an instrument provided for in the Municipal Master Plan for the implementation of special urban projects in the remaining void in the Ribeirão do Isidoro Basin, with 10 million square meters. The proposed masterplan balances the environmental fragility of the area and the need to create a new centrality for this portion of Belo Horizonte, and includes diversity of uses, areas for institutional, community and cultural equipment, urban parks and leisure areas, as well as the incorporation of municipal road guidelines and the integration of the proposal into the urban and metropolitan public transport system.

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