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Parque Palafitas | Projeto Piloto


Santos, São Paulo - Brasil

The "Living on Stilts" concept was part of a set of proposals drawn up by Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados in 2019 for the municipality of Santos, as part of the "Santos 500 Years" strategic vision. These occupations have taken over the bangs of the insular portion over environmental preservation areas with mangrove characteristics. Despite all the initiatives to delimit these territories and relocate families, the number of residents in the region has only grown, from around 3,000 families in 1991 to 6,000 in 2006, according to data from COHABSP and the City Hall.

In this context, the Palafitas Park Pilot Project emerges as the first phase in the consolidation of proposals to recover the area and achieve a better quality of life for its residents, the result of a joint action by the JLAA, Santos City Hall and Bandeirantes Deicmar Logística.
It is a project that relates directly to SDG 11, focusing on Sustainable Cities and Communities, but which in reality connects several others (poverty eradication, health and well-being, drinking water and sanitation, clean and affordable energy, industry, innovation and infrastructure, reducing inequalities, responsible consumption and production, life on the water, partnerships and means of implementation, and more).

At this stage, 60 housing units have been planned on a concrete slab that runs from the landfill area to the area suspended over the water. JLAA was only responsible for the architectural design of the Commercial Center and the Residents' Association, but also for the overall design and implementation.

Morar Palafitas" as a complete dwelling, in which each cell makes up a healthy urban fabric that connects to the vibrant organism of a less unequal city, in which nature is able to recover and flourish, just like each citizen.

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