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Parque Autódromo


Pinhais - PR, Brazil

Parque Autódromo comprises the transformation of the 560,000 square meter area related to the Pinhais racetrack, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, into a new neighborhood. The new buildings, which give priority to mixed use, include residential, commercial and leisure facilities. The conversion of the racetrack into a park aims to maintain local memory, given that the AIC was, since 1960, one of the main circuits in the country for national competitions.

With a new lake in the middle of its layout, the park will have its racetrack reduced, and may also receive smaller motorsport events, such as races with electric cars.

Two road works are also part of the project in order to relieve traffic on site: new urban connections are a priority, considering the estimated 8,000 residents in the 2,700 residential units of the development.

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