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Macroestruturação Urbana para o município de Santos e Projetos Estratégicos


Santos - SP, Brazil

The work for the municipality of Santos was made possible by a partnership with Comunitas, within the Juntos pelo Desenvolvimento Sustentável program, with Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados being selected as technical partner. The project was led by the City Hall, with the objective of building a vision of the future for Santos 500 years.

The guidelines and strategic projects were structured around three main themes: recovery of the central area, including better connections between the Port and the city; vocations for the continental area; and popular housing.

The main anchors of the center's renewal are the Cais do Valongo region, with the proposed recovery of the historic warehouses, the reconnection with the waterline and the potential relocation of the cruise terminal; Monte Serrat, a reference of the landscape from the valorization of its viewpoint and the opportunities of connection with the city through its staircases; and the Municipal Market complex, Bacia das Catraias and the Cultural Frame, which with its unique landscape can be the emblem of the valorization of the center as an address of desire for housing and economic opportunities. The qualification of connections, such as the example of Rua Modelo, the rescue of historical drainage channels as linear parks, the increase in the offer of public transport and the integration of its modalities, the updating of public lighting and landscaping combine for the Old Center, New Center, Living Center.

In the continental area, the valorization of its environmental and economic potential, from the natural and built heritage present in the Serra do Mar, the estuary and its canals, riverside communities and historical elements; and the port, industrial and logistics complex that is thriving in the region.

Housing, in a potential program called "Morar Santos", works with occupations on stilts, hills and tenements in three strands: Morar Palafitas, Morar Encostas and Morar Centro, each with its own elements of maintenance and innovation, which seek to respect the particularities of each community and advance in improving their living conditions and opportunities for integration with the formal city.

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