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Macroestruturação Urbana, Projetos Estratégicos e Ações Imediatas


Vilhena - RO, Brazil

The work carried out for Vilhena, RO, was based on the construction of positive scenarios for its development, acting on 3 major fronts: the modeling of an urban structuring adequate to the new times (growth, densification, mobility), the proposition of strategic projects to support the vision of the future (multifunctional parks connected by a green 'macro mesh', revitalization of squares and the Civic Center, requalification of BR 364) and the formulation of immediate action projects (Pedestrian Promenade, Botanical Garden, Aldeia-Convention Center, New Market), as a response to the needs and desires of the population. With special attention to environmental issues, the proposed themes constitute significant support for the revision of the Municipal Master Plan, given the immense latent potential of the municipality.

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