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Diretrizes de Macroestruturação Urbana e Projetos de Ação Imediata para Governador Valadares


Gov. Valadares - MG, Brazil

The municipality is located on the banks of the Rio Doce, opposite the Ibituruna peak, and is crossed by the BR-116, Rio - Bahia. The proposals for the Urban Macrostructure establish future growth scenarios with the design of new urban structures, such as the Ring Road and the proposal of a new bridge over the Doce River, adequacy of the Urban Perimeter of the Headquarters, redefinition of the macro-zoning, and proposal for occupation of the Expansion Area, located on the right bank of the Doce River, called "Nova Valadares".
Also part of the work are a list of proposals and specific urban interventions with the intention of revitalizing urban spaces, enhancing the natural landscape and consolidating the memory and identity of Valadares, to trigger catalytic effects of changes in behavior and improvement of the quality of life in the city.

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