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Diretrizes Básicas de Estruturação Urbana Para a Cidade de Frutal


Frutal - MG, Brazil

Conception of the design of the City of Frutal with the proposition of the elements of Urban Structuring identified as: Environmental Axis - the city's main line formed by the Vertente Grande Stream and the UNESCO City of Waters Boulevard - HidroEX; Urban Structuring Axes - with the function of organizing the city's growth and formed by Brasília, José de Alencar and Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Avenues; Service Axes - strengthening the city's regional articulation with the reorientation of uses bordering the BR 364 highway and ring road. Proposal for the implementation of the Park along the Vertente Grande stream and Boulevard das Águas that guides the implementation of the buildings that make up the UNESCO City of Waters complex - HidroEX, with the definition of landscaping and other stages of implementation.

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