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Diretrizes Básicas de Desenvolvimento Urbano



The Basic Urban Development Guidelines for the city of David, Panama's third largest, were created with the aim of promoting innovative actions and establishing a strategic vision for the future of the district. With an area of approximately 870km² and a population of around 124,000, the city requires a careful and comprehensive approach to its urban development.

The guidelines have been formulated from a set of ideas, proposals and strategies that aim to guide the planning and implementation of immediate action projects capable of transforming the city into a more sustainable, inclusive and vibrant place. In this sense, they establish a holistic vision for the city, considering several aspects, such as urban mobility, the environment, historical-cultural heritage and the quality of life of the population.

Among the actions proposed by the guidelines, we highlight the promotion of quality public transportation, the expansion of green and leisure areas, the encouragement of job creation and local entrepreneurship, as well as the preservation and enhancement of historical and cultural heritage. Such measures are fundamental to ensure the sustainable development of the city and provide a better quality of life for its inhabitants. The strategic vision of the future established by the guidelines will serve as a guide to direct public policies and civil society actions towards the sustainable urban development of David.

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