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Pará, Brazil

The project of the Integrated Centers for Environment and Development (CIMADs) aimed at the elaboration of a preliminary architectural model for the construction of the CIMADs linked to the "Combat to Deforestation in the State of Pará". Based on a partnership established between the Government of the State of Pará, the German bank KFW and the German consulting firm GOPA, structures were proposed for the permanence of the inspection bodies in nine locations in the Amazon rainforest.
The buildings are physical structures that house strategic public institutions of the State of Pará to enable the deconcentration of environmental management, in order to bring to the population of the interior the facilities and services of environmental licensing, rural environmental registration, land regularization, registration of producers for sustainable public policy programs, and support for State Conservation Units (UCE). In addition, they serve as support points and catalysts for command and control actions in integrated environmental inspection routines.
The model project for CIMADs considered different approaches in its elaboration. Criteria such as Identity and Social Diversity, Image and Environmental Comfort, Available Materials and Local Labor, Internal Design and Versatility of Use, Flowchart and Infrastructure Networks, Dimensions and Programmatic Adaptability were some binomials that guided the proposal presented and should guarantee, in addition to the sustainability conditions of the project, the possibility of integration with the surrounding communities and constructive / material models for the education and dissemination of eco-sustainable practices.

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