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Cidade X


São João da Barra - RJ, Brazil

Masterplan for a new city, designed for 270,000 inhabitants on an area of 1,140 hectares located in the municipality of São João da Barra, RJ. The city will support the Port of Açu Port, Logistics and Industrial Complex, which will house by 2026 a port, shipyard, steel mills, thermoelectric plant, and a large industrial district, forming one of the most important industrial centers in the country. The structuring of 'City X' started from the pre-existing physical and environmental conditions, resulting in a complex of lagoons and canals. Environmental and urban sustainability guidelines permeate the entire project, addressing mobility issues, compact neighborhoods, pedestrian primacy, alternative transport, diversity and accessibility. A series of strategic projects were also designed to foster the construction of the identity of this new place.

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