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Casa da Estrela


Balsa Nova - PR, Brazil

Estância Duas Estrelas or Casa da Estrela was built in the 18th century, with typical architecture of the imperial period, and contains Luso-Brazilian characteristics, being a remnant of the tropeiros era. According to reports of Emperor D. Pedro II's trip, he would have had lunch there in 1880.
Carried out for the Purunã Institute, the architectural and restoration project of Casa da Estrela is an initiative to rescue the cultural heritage of the São Luiz do Purunã (PR) region, and proposes the recovery and conversion of the house into the Purunã Institute Headquarters, as well as a point of culture, tourism and meeting for the population. In addition to the restoration of the house, an exhibition area open to the community was designed, consisting of three themes: (i) the narratives about Tropeirismo; (ii) the Tourist and Rural Development Plan of the region; (iii) and the history and recovery process of the house itself.

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