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Canoas Parque de Inovação


Canoas - RS, Brazil

Canoas is one of the most dynamic municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with a strong industrial base, higher education institutions and differentiated multimodal accessibility. The challenge of the project, contracted by the Municipality of Canoas, was to seek a design that would allow reconciling the preservation needs of the 560ha area where the project will be implemented with the activities of the Innovation Park, an important strategy for the socioeconomic development of Canoas. The project minimizes the impacts of urbanization on the land, seeks "green" solutions for architecture and infrastructure, and creates links with the city, mainly from the new service axis, which interfaces between the PCI and the adjoining neighborhood, the Botanical Garden and the "Marco Zero" - area defined to start the implementation of the Park, and one of its iconic buildings, the "eutenhoumaidéia", has already had its executive projects finalized.

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