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Boulevard Germânia


Novo Hamburgo - RS, Brazil

The Boulevard Germânia development is located in the municipality of Novo Hamburgo, the economic center of the Vale do Rio dos Sinos region, and is part of the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre.
Its proximity to the Capital, about 40Km, as well as the ease of access by road or rail, its proximity to the industries present in this important economic axis of the State guarantees the opportunity for the implementation of a new business frontier, services and quality commerce. It is above all, the opportunity to create a planned place of desire.

With an area of 285 ha, next to BR116, close to the railway network and at the epicenter of a region of approximately 650,000 inhabitants, it is possible to affirm its strategic position to attract investments, people, expectations and thus create a new place to live.

These exceptional conditions allow us to dream of building a new centrality for the region.
The Masterplan is based on the environmental diagnosis of the area, prepared by ABG Engenharia e Meio Ambiente, an integral part of the Basic Environmental Plan. The plots of vegetation to be preserved in the area were defined by the environmental team, in order to ensure the maintenance of the most significant plant massifs, in addition to ensuring continuity and environmental connection.

The projected urban design brings expressive care for the comfort of its residents and / or visitors, from pedestrians to vehicles, in dimensions that range from their walks to the planned uses, providing for the possibility of installing services and equipment with the proximity required to meet the demands of people's daily lives. Guaranteed market, internal and external, for large and small commercial and corporate enterprises, for large and small enterprises in the areas of Health and Education, as well as for Cultural enterprises.

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