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Ações para Valorização Urbana de Uberaba


Uberaba - MG, Brazil

The proposal foresees the implementation of the East-West public transportation axis, along Avenida Leopoldino de Oliveira, with new uses and greater densification along the road forming a continuous structure of housing and work. For Uberaba, four Strategic Projects were identified that aim to requalify some areas of the city seeking its improvement with the attraction of new uses and investments: Central Ring Circuit valorization of the rich set of historical buildings of Uberaba with the creation of a walking route through the center; Sports Circuit implementation of a walking track and bike lanes, connecting two urban parks of Uberaba, the Mata do Carrinho and the Parque do Paço and the requalification of the Praça do Por do Sol; requalification of Mata do Ipê and the Córrego das Lages Linear Park together with the Uberaba River that will form a green belt allowing the creation of a large area for the practice of sport and leisure for the population in addition to the preservation of the river.

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