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Ações para Valorização da Área Central de Montes Claros

2009 / 2010

Montes Claros - MG, Brazil

Montes Claros is the regional hub of northern Minas Gerais. The proposal for the Valorization of the Central Area focuses on the relevant aspects of the role of the urban center, and proposes interventions for the requalification of sidewalks, the implementation of a bicycle path, the creation of urban furniture seeking to build an identity for the center, the depollution of facades and standardization of advertising and interventions proposed for the Historic Center. The strategic projects include the proposals for the requalification of the Railway Warehouse, with its transformation into a Concert Hall, and the South Market, with its modification to house the Darcy Ribeiro Cultural Space. The Green Areas System involves proposals for the preservation of rivers with valley bottom parks, with the restructuring of the Milton Prates Municipal Park and Guimarães Rosa Park, as well as the creation of the City Park.

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