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Fernando Canalli

Sócio l Partner

Fernando Canalli is an architect and urban planner graduated in 1982 at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná. He has large expertise in the conception, development and implementation of architectural, urban and regional projects in the fields of natural and built heritage, land use and organization, public spaces, tourism development, public and community facilities, within an integrated vision of the urban issues.

In the past two decades, Canalli has been involved in the development and implementation of many strategic projects in the municipality of Curitiba and the state of Paraná that have become part of the city/regional landscape, as well as participated in the organization of the venues for events such as the United Nation’s Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-8).

His international experience includes strategic plans for Victoria de Durango (2007-2008), David (Panamá), urban masterplans for the cities of Luanda e Cabinda (Angola, 2002-2004), strategic plans for Victoria de Durango (2007-2008) and an urbanistic plan in Den Hagen, Netherlands, focusing on neutralizing social segregation (1999), which was registered in the book “The Hage”, by Olaf Koekebakker.

As one of JLAA senior partners, Canalli has coordinated many important projects that focus on solutions for mixed-use developments/redevelopments involving architecture, urban connections, public spaces design, recycling of heritage sites/built structures, public participation and environmental concerns, such as the Cais Mauá docklands renovation project in the capital city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande dos Sul state.

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