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Vitória da Conquita

Bahia, Brazil


Vitória da Conquista is the third largest city in the state of Bahia in Brazil, with more than 300 thousand inhabitants. It´s located at an altitude of 923 m in the west center of the state, between the Caatinga and Atlantic Forest.
The Verruga River, which cuts through the city and has been forgotten for decades, becomes the object of environmental preservation, landscape recovery and element of collective memory, once again integrated the landscape and the Conquistense life, through the creation of the Park Of the Verruga River.
Incorporating the river into the layout of the city, it was possible to associate environmental preservation with non-motorized mobility, implanting several parks, bike paths and trails along the course of the water. It invites people to go on walk and offers the potential for many leisure activities, sports and educational uses, in addition to promoting social inclusion. The riven becomes a green connection for water, people, animals and seeds
The Project for the park includes thematic gardens such as cacti, palm trees, medicinal, sensory, flower and orchard gardens, in addition to the restructuring of the municipal garden.

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