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Urban Macrostructre, Strategic Projects and Immediate Actions for the municipality of Vilhena.

Vilhena, Rondonia, Brazil


The work with the municipality of Vilhena, in the state of Roraima, was based on the creation of positive outcomes for it´s development. There were three main lines of work: the modeling of an urban structure coherent with today´s reality ( growth, densification, mobility); the suggestion of projects strategic to sustain this vision (multifunctional parks connected by a green “macro net” and the renewal of squares, of the civic center and of the highway); and the proposal of projects for immediate implementation ( a boardwalk, a botanical garden, the village-convention center and the new market) – as responses to the needs and wishes of the inhabitants of Vilhena.

With special attention to environmental concerns, the ideas proposed for this project support the revision of the municipal code.

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