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Basic Project of the North-South BRT Axis

Recife, Brazil

2008 / 2009

Recife is the capital of the Pernambuco state, Northeastern Brazil. Situated on the Atlantic coast, its territory comprises about 220km2, where a population of circa 1.5 million people lives. The Project developed comprised the study for the implementation of an Integrated Transportation System (Bus Rapid Transit) in the North-South axis of the Metropolitan Region (since the area of Igarassú until the future terminal Cajueiro Seco, in the south). This 42km long Axis will have the capacity to transport 300,000 passengers/day. The proposal organizes the maze of conventional lines than run in this itinerary in a BRT corridor (exclusive lanes, pre-paid on level boarding, articulated buses with air conditioning) with four trunk lines, feeder lines and integration terminals along the way. The Project still comprises an elevated lane built with metal structure over the channel at the Agamenon Magalhães Avenue.

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