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Riviera Santa Maria

Itapoá, Santa Catarina State - Brazil


The Riviera Santa Maria development is located in the municipality of Itapoá (in the state of Santa Catarina), where the main economic activities are tourism and private port activity. The proposal for the area of 134 ha forms a centrality for Itapoá, with a mixture of activities, uses, typologies and users in a space that leads to the encounter and favors the light modes of displacement. Approximately 7,000 housing units are planned to be built in stages. The project mixes proposed urban and institutional uses with areas for leisure and environmental preservation, creating parks and lagoons parallel to the beach that expand the terrain’s water fronts. The main attraction is the “Bambu Beach”, a public leisure strip near the waterfront. It creates a new reference for the population through diversified uses and a permeable and inviting architecture.

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