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Diretrizes Básicas de Estruturação Urbana para a Cidade de Frutal

Frutal, Minas Gerais - Brazil


Conception of the design of the City of Frutal with the proposition of the Urban Structuring elements identified as: 1. Environmental – the main line of the city formed by the Córrego da Vertente Grande and the Boulevard of the City of Water UNESCO – HidroEX; 2. Urban Structuring – with the function of organizing the growth of the city and formed by Avenues Brasília, José de Alencar and Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek; 3. Services – strengthening the regional articulation of the city with the reorientation of uses bordering the highway BR 364 and ring road. A park was proposed along the Córrego Vertente Grande and Boulevard das Águas to guide the implementation of the buildings that make the complex Cidade de Águas of UNESCO – HidroEX. The proposal included the definition of landscaping and other stages of implantation.

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