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Campinas Logistic Park

Campinas, São Paulo


The project site comprises 7,000,000sqm, conveniently located near Viracopos airport and Bandeirantes and Santos Dumont highways, in Campinas. The masterplan explores the potential of the location and the infrastructure and dynamism of the region by setting a Logistic Platform, to be a reference in the sector. The project integrates the city’s growth guidelines, the preservation and enrichment of the environment and the retrofit of the Singer’s manufacturing facilities, together with the old farmhouse. Other highlights of the masterplan are the cargo intermodal hub, in addition to facilities specially designed for the truck drivers and the trucks, the development of industrial activities and a special district dedicated to retail and business’ uses. Institutional, public and leisure areas were also designed to serve the users. The Núcleo de Logística da Unicamp is a partner of the project and also a trigger for the future occupation.

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