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Docklands Revitalization Project – Cais Mauá

Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil


The Cais Mauá is a 187.000m2 infill area located in between the Guaíba River and Downtown Porto Alegre, that used to integrate the harbor infrastructure of the city. The main challenge of the project was to reintegrate this fragmented territory to the rich adjacent urban fabric; bring physical and visual permeability to the docklands area; and restore and enhance the historic constructions and elements, while establishing a dialogue between them and the new buildings to be designed. The project was developed in a consortium, including b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos, guided by a set of guidelines established by the state government, aiming to transform the Cais Mauá in a business, cultural, leisure, entertainment and tourism complex. The guiding principles of this winning proposal were to reintegrate the docklands to the daily life of the population, supported by the history and memory of the place and by the conversion of barriers in interfaces. It creates a new urban icon for Porto Alegre; enhancing public spaces and meeting areas; and principles of sustainability.

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