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“One South", Conceptual Urbanistic Masterplan

Fezenda Rio Grande, Paraná - Brazil


The study was the result of a joint effort led by Economic Development Innovations Singapore. The project occupies an area of 180ha rich in environmental attractions in the municipality of Fazenda Rio Grande, a growth vector of the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba. “One South” (Singapore’s One North’s sister venture, a landmark in sustainable urban and economic development) would create a new centrality within the county and region, integrating life, move, work, learn, and play activities. The project aimed to create 25,000 direct jobs and housing for 17,000 people. Taking advantage of the natural conditions and proposing a clear and singular design, the masterplan applied the principles of connectivity and integration with the environment; Creation of urban references to define an identity for the site; diversity; density; Mobility with priority to public transport and pedestrian scale, enhancement of public spaces and good design solutions for the urban environment.

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