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Plano de Mobilidade de Aracaju


Aracaju - SE, Brazil

Plan formulated as an instrument of the Municipality's Urban Development Policy, integrated with the precepts of the Aracaju Urban Development Master Plan - PDDU and that of the Metropolitan Region, to be instituted. The structure adopted for the formulation of the Aracaju Mobility Plan considered the premises, the general themes and mandatory presence, the particular themes, the policies and strategies and the Action Plan, being also composed of four annexes, one with the draft law to establish the Aracaju Mobility Plan, the road hierarchy, the situation and the simulations of public transport. In general terms, the Plan, which covers motorized and non-motorized modalities, comprises all conceptual issues, strategic actions and instruments relevant to its implementation, ensuring the assessment of environmental and urban impacts of transport systems, management, community participation, universal accessibility and safety.

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