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Plano de Diretrizes de Macro Estruturação Urbana de Balneário Camboriú


Balneário Camboriú - SC, Brazil

The Masterplan for Balneário Camboriú was contracted in 2020 by the Municipality of Balneário Camboriú, SC, for the elaboration of an Urban Macrostructuring Guidelines Plan based on the general guidelines of the Municipality, its Master Plan and other existing studies and diagnoses and, together with the local population and its representatives, to carry out the construction of a Vision of the Future capable of presenting and taking local and regional development to a new level of sustainability and equity, based on the socio-environmental potentialities present in its territory.

The work area was the entire Municipality, with 45.21 km², containing Analysis of georeferenced and topographic data; Survey or urban inventory; Physical-territorial, socioeconomic and environmental diagnosis; Urban sector planning; Local intervention plan; Analysis and application of the instruments of the Statute of Cities; City plan or layout and Urban requalification plan.

The set of proposals presented were the result of the construction of a vision of the future capable of promoting the growth of the city and awakening the productive forces for a more sustainable and equitable economic development through the territorial planning of Balneário Camboriú.

Based on the binomial formed by its natural geography and its urban geography, the Masterplan appropriated these assets to design, in different space-time dimensions, new addresses and perspectives for the city, valuing its cosmopolitan and gregarious way, its history and its strategic location. In this sense, the Plan proposed a fractal city model composed of a large mosaic, which preserves and enhances the natural environment and composes a network of more compact neighborhoods with institutional and economic activities and social diversity.

The products of this work are available to the public on the city council's website at

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