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Parque Ambiental do Rio Verruga


Vitória da Conquista - BA, Brazil

Project carried out for the third largest city in Bahia in the center west of the state, between the Caatinga and the Atlantic Forest. The Verruga River, which cuts through the city, becomes an object of environmental preservation, landscape recovery and an element of collective memory, integrated again into the landscape and life of Conquest, through the creation of the Verruga River Environmental Park.
Incorporated into the layout of the city, environmental preservation was associated with non-motorized mobility, implementing parkways, bike paths and trails along its course that invite for walks and offer potential for the most diverse leisure activities, permeating the city with spaces for sport, leisure and environmental education, in addition to promoting social inclusion. In this way, the river becomes a green path for the circulation of water, people, animals and seeds.
The project included the implementation of Thematic Gardens and some equipment such as: the Cathedral of Flowers, the Orchidarium, the Bartolomeu de Gusmão Square, sports areas, playgrounds and hammocks, as well as the restructuring of the Municipal Garden. The four deactivated stabilization ponds of Empresa Baiana de Águas e Saneamento S.A - EMBASA, surrounded by vegetation that shelter some springs, on the banks of the Verruga River, near the Lomanto Júnior Municipal Stadium, will be incorporated into the park forming the main scenario of this portion.

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