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Pátio Central de Campinas


Campinas - SP, Brazil

Conceptual study for the urban revitalization of the Railway Yard, with an area of 240,000 m2 and a construction potential of 580,000 m2. It contemplates the creation of a 'new center', which houses all urban activities and functions (cultural, commercial, business, housing, educational, institutional and leisure), inserted in the current urban center and in the city's urban mobility network. The rich built heritage will be restored and recycled for new uses, and together with the new buildings, will compose a set that combines the preservation of urban and regional memory and the construction of a contemporary identity for Campinas.

Espaço Carlos Gomes - Recycling study of the main existing building in the Central Courtyard of Campinas, which houses a train workshop and would be transformed into a major cultural anchor of the city - the Espaço Carlos Gomes. Maintaining and valuing all its constructive characteristics, the space, besides honoring one of the main local personalities, aims to be a multipurpose, flexible and adaptable place for various artistic and cultural events and manifestations.

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