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Masterplan CSUL | Lagoa dos Ingleses


Nova Lima - MG, Brazil

The masterplan prepared for the 21 million m² area located in the municipality of Nova Lima, in the RMBH, next to the Serra da Moeda and the Ingleses and Miguelão lagoons, configures a centrality that helps balance the growth of the metropolis, with the development of multiple activities in order to guarantee its autonomy and vitality, reducing dependence on the capital. The 57,000 housing units planned, which should attract a population of 185,000 people, will be implemented in several stages.

The intention is to create a reference of sustainable urban occupation and quality of life through actions such as respect for the environmental base, formation of ecological corridors, valorization of public spaces for leisure and meeting, stimulation of mixed use and job creation, adoption of different types of occupation aiming to reach a diversified public, reduction of the need for displacement, proposition of new mobility alternatives, implementation of a network of public facilities, adoption of sustainable urban practices and execution of Urban Acupunctures, strategic projects that reinforce the premises of the urban plan.

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