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Caucaia - CE, Brazil

This new centrality, which could house 27,000 people in the final occupation scenario, has as conceptual premises the appropriation of the environmental base as an element of identity, integrated housing and work and the adoption of mixed uses. This will strengthen the creation of a diverse community, with residents of various income groups and ages in different housing typologies. The Lagamar is an important element of the landscape and the use of its waterfront for public activities strengthens the identity of the project. To enhance these concepts of the urban plan, some urban acupunctures are planned in strategic locations, in order to create references and establish a bond with future residents, in addition to functioning as elements of attraction for the Cauype City: the Aldeia, the Casa Grande Cultural, the Cauype Market, the Renda d'Água, the Pontas dos Ventos and the Casa da Natureza.

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