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"Centro Novo": Uma visão para o centro de São Paulo


São Paulo - SP, Brazil

Developed by JLAA in partnership with the São Paulo Housing Union (Secovi), with the support of the City Hall, the work aims to contribute to the discussion of a vision for the Center of this, the largest metropolis in South America, highlighting its cosmopolitan, open and dynamic character.

The proposals are based on the valorization of the public space and the Downtown as a living address; on its material and symbolic assets; on the strength and economic diversity of this space and its potential for innovation; on the expansion of the public mobility network and pedestrian spaces; and on the articulation of real estate developments in favor of this shared vision.

It is an opportunity to remind the paulistano affective memories linked to this noble space of the city; a work of capturing the imagination and the dream; of a "reinvention" of this center for the 21st century.

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